Last Update: 04 May, 2021

Curling Innovations Canada Special Announcement 

We have decided it was time to retire and hand over our entire business to someone else. We approached Canada Curling Stone to see if they would be interested and after several months of negotiation, they agreed it was a good fit.

Please read the following message from Canada Curling Stone:

Announcement from Canada Curling Stone Co. 

Canada Curling Stone Co. is excited to announce that we will now be the supplier of Curling Innovations Canada's Laser Rock Measure (LRM) and Laser Rock Measure Plus curling stone measures. Please contact Canada Curling Stone Co. by email to place your order orders@canadacurlingstone.on.ca or for further information about the products to ktuck@canadacurlingstone.on.ca.

The LRM and LRM Plus can be viewed at www.canadacurlingstone.on.ca. in the product catalogue section of our website. Detailed information on all the LRM product family can be found on this curlinginnovations.ca website.

We look forward to the addition of this innovative product into our equipment line and to continue the standard of product that you have come to expect from Curling Innovations Canada